Child Safe Workshop

On 22/5/2016, Little People Preschool International offers free child safe training session for parents, hosted by Dr Lan Hai, Children Psychologist.

The session provided parents with skills and knowledge to establish more effective methods to manage risk and focus on creating sate environments for child. Schools alone cannot protect children from sexual abuse, bullying and other forms of aggression. Therefore, the cooperation from parents would be necessary to assure safe environment for child.

The following topics are just a few of the issues focused upon the workshops/seminars:

  • How to help child defining sexual abuse.
  • Becoming aware of grooming techniques used to seduce potential victims.
  • Learning the damaging effects of child sexual abuse.
  • Methods used by child sexual abusers to select their victims.
  • Identifying how sexual abusers attract victims.
  • Techniques parents can use to keep their children safe

Some of the Seminar photos:





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